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GPCSN Home is a warm and familial atmosphere, where residents experience the nurturing embrace of divine care, the principles of Christian Science are diligently upheld, and compassionate Christian Science nurses offer their tender support, anticipating the promise of healing.


To support your demonstration of healing and to serve as a safe haven for those seeking a healing and loving atmosphere where they can freely practice the teachings of Christian Science .


We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) religious charitable organization. Our mission is to serve the Christian Science community with a sense of compassion and empathy. We devote ourselves to providing a safe and secure space for those in need, and we rely on the generosity of kind-hearted people like you to help us fulfill our important mission.

Living at GPCSN Home

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GPCSN Home is a loving and inclusive sanctuary where we come together to uphold the teachings of Christian Science, embracing our global community, our local neighborhood, and one another with open hearts.

Within our warm and inviting environment, we invite residents to embrace moments of study, relaxation, and heartfelt conversations. Our joyful, family-style meals are a reflection of the love and unity that binds us all.

The well-cared-for grounds surrounding us provide a peaceful sanctuary for gardening, leisurely strolls across lush lawns and welcoming patios, all within the tranquil embrace of our residential neighborhood.

We take great joy in organizing trips to town, exciting sightseeing adventures, local events led by dedicated volunteers, and seasonal celebrations that bring our community together. Moreover, we are pleased to facilitate attendance at the San Antonio church services and activities, always ready to assist with errands and outings.

GPCSN Home extends a loving and comforting sense of home to all who are part of our family. We cherish the opportunity to nurture the spiritual growth and well-being of every individual within our caring community.

You’re Welcome to Join Us

Enjoy the profound joy of residing in an atmosphere brimming with love and affection. 

Care Rates


We extend a heartfelt invitation to adults of all ages who seek a shared living experience deeply rooted in the practice of Christian Science. At GPCSN Home, our compassionate and devoted Christian Science nurses are always ready to lend a helping hand.

It’s important to understand that our home is not classified as a nursing facility; however, we are more than willing to arrange personalized support as needed. Please be aware that there may be additional charges associated with Christian Science nursing assistance.

Our House Manager, who oversees the harmonious functioning of our household, conducts an assessment to discern whether GPCSN Home aligns with the needs and desires of each prospective resident. In certain situations, both the House Manager and the applicant may consider a short-term stay as part of the discernment process.

In the event that a resident temporarily encounters challenges that prevent them from fully participating in the daily life at GPCSN, such as communal dining, we will explore alternative living arrangements with the utmost care and understanding, always keeping the resident’s best interests at heart.


At GPCSN Home, we extend the love and flexibility of Christ to our residents. You are welcome to join us at your own pace, and our monthly rent is calculated with care, considering the time of your move-in. This all-inclusive rent encompasses the warmth of housekeeping services and three nourishing daily meals shared in a family-like dining atmosphere.

Christian Science nursing care is readily available as needed, and we bill it in 15-minute intervals, ensuring you receive the precise care required. Should you require the services of a visiting Christian Science nurse, rest assured that these will be billed separately.

We recognize that some residents may face financial challenges, we may extend benevolence support to those who can demonstrate a genuine need.

Moreover, for those seeking a shorter visit to GPCSN Home, we occasionally offer “rest and study” accommodations, allowing you to experience our loving community even for brief periods of time. It is our mission to provide a Christ-like atmosphere of care and support to all who come through our doors.

Current Rates: For detailed information regarding rates and services, including ‘Rest and Study’ options, please reach out to Raoul Bruce at (210)-376-9592.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you

We are always grateful… 

for donations, gifts and bequests for its ongoing operation, including benevolence to residents as needed.

The funds also help us keep the room and board rates modest, and offer some employment benefits to our Christian Science nurses and other workers in the home.

GPCSN Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious charitable organization.


For more information on how you can support

Contact us: 

Mark: (210) 725-5889 


Raoul: (210) 376-9592


How to Donate

Your donation helps us to care for and minister to Christian Scientists in the San Antonio, Texas.

GreenPastures Christian Science Nursing Inc. (GPCSN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. 

Checks made out to GPCSN INC

go into the same fund. Checks can be mailed to:  

15407 Airole Way  
San Antonio, TX 78232

Our Wish List:

• Van (large, 12 passenger)
• Electric riser chairs and beds
• Christian Science periodical subscriptions

• Volunteers to bring activities or programs for the residents’ enjoyment, assistance with garden and yard maintenance

Thank you so much!


We are located in San Antonio, TX

Our office is located at:

15407 Airole Way, San Antonio, TX 78232

To make an appointment or to plan a visit, please contact us.


Mark: (210) 725-5889 

Raoul: (210) 376-9592
Open 24 Hours


The GreenPastures team is ready to answer all of your questions. Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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